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  • November 5
  • Networking and Breakfast
  • Devin-Hughes
    Devin Hughes
    Author, speaker, consultant, and executive coach
    The Fourth Wave: The Future of Work, Engagement, Well-Being & Inclusion
    The research is clear. Diverse, inclusive, and happy work environments are performance enhancers. They are characterized by higher productivity, less turnover, and more resilient teams. Leaders who know how to cultivate positive emotion tap into an endless well of psychological capital—hope, optimism, confidence, resilience, and belief—that has the power to keep people and teams innovating, creating value, and becoming more successful even in tough times. Increasingly, employees are looking for more purpose and meaning in their work. More than career paths, they want to feel alive at work—that what they are doing is making a positive difference. Yet many organizations fail to create a positive, healthy workplace culture. Why? Because it seems elusive, hard to measure, and hard to prove ROI. So how do you get there? With a little bit of help and inspiration, it’s both possible and delightful to turn on the faucet of joy, humor, love, hope, and compassion at work. Everyone’s talking about well-being, but no one’s telling you how to do it.

    Attend this keynote and learn the real, tangible, and actionable steps to building a better workplace culture, using a proven method for culture change.
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Anthony Luciano - IMG
    Anthony Luciano, Jr.
    Building a Career Agility Mindset for a 2020 World of Work
    The current workforce prediction from Brookings Institute is that 25 percent of current U.S. jobs will become automated in the near future. Being agile can help future-proof your career in this era of constant disruption and automation. In this lunch & learn session, we will discuss:
    • what future key trends you need to be aware of and how to be career agile
    • how to find your talent sweet=spot and how to play to your personal strengths
    • how to build your career capital assets in a way that fits with the future way of working
    • reveal the three things you need to know to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Networking Reception
  • November 6
  • Kimberly Currier, Todd Ericksen, Kerri Meyer
    Keeping Your Employees Engaged During Change
    The workplace is changing faster than ever. Preparing for an developing an acceptance of change in your workforce is imperative for your organization's success. This panel will discuss why most change management practices fail and how employee-centric strategies can retain employees as well as keep them engaged and empowered throughout an organization's changes.

  • November 5
  • CONF - OrgDev2019 - Kerri 150 - IMG
    Kerri Meyer
    Remodel Your Current Onboarding Program: 25+ Ideas for Welcoming Your New Employees Home
    When someone comes to your home, you welcome them, not “onboard” them. It should also be true when new hires come into our organizations; you should create the conditions in which they feel welcomed and assured that they have made the right choice to join your company and team. Of course, this is not a one-and-done approach that is accomplished on their first day, but a series of experiences a new hire has over their first many months. In this session, you will fix up your onboarding program just like you would remodel your house.

    After interacting with a variety of materials and activities, you will walk away from this workshop with an initial draft of a welcome process for your organization, which will include specific implementation plans. The best part of all? You choose your own path and plan for getting there. In this session, you will:
    • Review the comps: Identify best practices from companies known for their best-in-class new-hire welcome programs.
    • Do a market analysis: Review your current process, systems, and approach to welcoming new employees.
    • Assess your foundation: Complete a gap analysis between your organization’s current approach and benchmarked companies.
    • Create a blueprint: Select from an à la carte menu of welcome activities to create your own, unique new-hire welcome experience that accomplishes your organization’s objectives.
  • Anthony Luciano 200 px
    Anthony Luciano, Jr.
    Lunch and Learn
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  • OrgDev Speaker - Laurie Firstone Siedelman headshot 4.19.jpg
    Laurie Firestone Siedelman
    Creating a Career Development Program That Works
    Having the right people in the right roles is a priority. A career development program helps employees shape their desired career path within an organization while supplying a road map to help manage expectations along the way. Investing in talent development boosts employee engagement and retention, driving effective succession plans and business results.

    In this session you will learn to:
    • Create a business case for a career development program.
    • Define program objectives and metrics to evaluate success.
    • Align career development efforts with your employment brand.
    • Engage your managers in supplying valuable coaching and mentoring.
    • Empower employees to own their development.
  • Kimberly Currier and Pam Brown
    Jazzing Up Your Coaching Culture
    Join us as we take you along on one organization’s coaching culture journey, a case study in the ground-up creation of a coaching program. The speakers will share how they have imbedded coaching as a part of doing business and describe how they have worked to create a common language and framework for the entire organization. Discover how they’ve equipped their managers with the skills to coach themselves and others, and hold them accountable to this elevated skill level.

    Learning Objectives

    · Learn where and how to start your company’s coaching journey.
    · Discover key elements of what every coaching culture should have.
    · Determine how to embed a coaching culture and make it stick.

  • November 6
  • CONF - OrgDev2019 - Mia 150 - IMG
    Mia Mulrennan
    Planning Bootcamp
    You've probably been to several conferences and left each breakout meeting with handwritten notes—notes outlining ideas that resonated with you and that you know would be valuable to your workplace. But how many times have you returned to the office and actually tried out or implemented those ideas? Get a concrete implementation plan for success. At this boot camp, you will:
    • Come away with a fully customized plan.
    • Focus on how the plan ties with the employee experience journey at your company.
    • Get concrete content about "selling" the plan to teams and leaders.
    • Link experiments and implementation directly to your hand-picked content.
  • Day 1
  • CONF - OrgDev2019 - Wade 100 - IMG
    Wade Larson
    Transforming Business Outcomes Through New Manager Onboarding
    We spend time and money to make our new employees feel welcome and set them up for success in their jobs, but what about new managers? Many times, employees are promoted to management with an expectation that they already know what to do. Even managers who come from the outside may be stepping into their first supervisory job with the assumption that they’ll be able to hit the ground running. Without proper training, acclimation, and enculturation, new managers can easily be set up for failure.

    In this session, participants will learn to:

    · Use onboarding best practices to transform employees and managers from “newly hired” to “engaged and inspired.”
    · Develop effective time, financial, and employee management competencies in new managers that drive better business outcomes in shorter amounts of time.
    · Increase use of technology and tools to reinforce learning and extended development.
    · Align strategic plans, corporate missions, and company values in development programs to help managers achieve better results through their employees.
    · Offer continuous learning and improvement strategies to fill the pipeline for future succession planning needs.
  • Anthony Luciano 200 px
    Anthony Luciano, Jr.
    Lunch and Learn
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  • CONF - OrgDev2019 - Rayna 100 - IMG
    Rayna Schroeder
    ACCELerate Your High-Performance Managers!
    Organizations rely on high-performing managers to lead people to achieve results but often struggle with developing them. Utilizing the ACCEL framework, you will identify the mindsets and skills high-performance managers need and explore methods and practices to help managers connect, engage, and develop their direct reports.

    Session Objectives:
    • Describe the ACCEL framework that defines a high-performance manager.
    • Understand the mindsets and skill sets that help managers connect, engage, and develop their direct reports.
    • Discuss ideas and tools to help your managers fully engage their direct reports.
  • Yon Sugiharto photo
    Yon Sugiharto
    A Clinical Approach to Leadership Coaching
    Leadership coaching and patient care have striking similarities. By coaching staff members as if they are patients, you can establish sustainable, evidence-based results and a more effective program. In this session, the speaker will share his clinical coaching model, which can be applied to any business and transform your managers and coaches into outcome-driven professionals who hold their coaches accountable while delivering ROI.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Relate the five phases of the clinical coaching model to traditional coaching models.
    • Describe how to implement a group coaching approach with cohorts of participants.
    • Develop a coaching culture within your organization.
  • Day 2
  • CONF - OrgDev 2019 - Mark Dunn Headshot - IMg
    Mark Dunn
    Management Bootcamp: Action Planning for Manager and Leadership Development
    You've probably been to several conferences and left each breakout meeting with handwritten notes outlining ideas that resonated with you and would be valuable to your workplace. But how many times have you returned to the office and actually put them into practice? Leave this boot camp with a concrete implementation plan for success.

    In this session, you will:

    · Draft a fully customized plan for implementing a management development program.
    · Examine how the plan ties in to the management development journey.
    · Learn how to gain buy-in for your plan from teams and senior leaders.
    · Directly link experiments and implementation to your hand-picked content.
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