Convince Your Boss

Convince Your Boss to Attend OrgDev

As a talent development professional, you understand the value of attending conferences to stay at the top of your game. Follow these steps, build a case for your request, and show your company’s value and return on investment.

Step 1: Review Sessions and Content Tracks
ATD OrgDev will show you practical methods to make your organization one that employees want to work for and grow with. Consider your organization’s unique talent development challenges and use that as a guide when deciding which sessions to attend. Next, customize this worksheet to outline the sessions you will attend and detail how these sessions will help solve your organization’s workplace challenges.

Step 2: Stress the Value for Your Organization
Fill out this worksheet to approximate the financial investment required for you to attend to share the cost-benefit of attending the conference.

Step 3: Put It All in Writing
Customize this letter to help your manager understand why OrgDev is one of the most valuable conferences for you.

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