Devin C. Hughes is a captivating speaker, author, and workplace culture expert. He helps leaders drive growth and engagement by aligning workplace culture with success. His experience working on employee engagement strategy, evolving corporate cultures, talent management, and diversity & inclusion brings a unique perspective in helping his clients plan for positive growth and evolution. His approach draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational research, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, mindset, and mindfulness.

Devin was named to peopleHum’s power list of the top 200 thought leaders to follow in 2023. He received his BA from Colgate University and his MS from Southern New Hampshire University. He is the author of 21 books and lives in San Diego, CA, with his wife, four daughters, and his beloved rescue dog, Tyson.

Jessica Kriegel, PhD, is the chief scientist of workplace culture for Culture Partners, leading research and strategy in best practices for driving results through culture. As a data scientist, her mission is “quantify culture.” Her doctoral research and practical application through consulting engagements with Oracle, Toyota, Lockheed Martin, and Bank of America, to name a few, led to the Culture Equation—a tested model where strategy combines with culture to deliver consistent results. Today, Jessica applies data-driven insights to dismantle the chaos of poor morale, low performance, and missed financial goals. She is a Fortune 100 Thought Leader and international keynote speaker as well as author of Unfairly Labeled: How Your Workplace Can Benefit From Ditching Generational Stereotypes.