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  • Nasseem Nilipour and Nazanin Tadjbakhsh Campbell
    Nasseem Nilipour and Nazanin Tadjbakhsh Campbell
    Offering Live Leadership Development Virtually and at Scale
    Join this session for an overview of a brand-new internal leadership development program that was piloted virtually in 2022 with a cohort of 40 participants in the US and Canada. Learn the rationale behind the program, key learnings along the way, and next steps for the second iteration of the program.

    In this session, you will:
    • Learn the functionalities of a cohort that spans across multiple company brands and uses a multi-modal approach.
    • Discover what went well and what was learned when piloting this 100 percent virtual leadership development program to improve your programs

    Track: Leadership and Employee Development
    Focus Area: How to Help Leaders Lead During Uncertainty
  • CONF - OrgDev2019 - Devin 150 - IMG
    Devin Hughes
    Devin C. Hughes Inc.
    Real-World Strategies for Creating an Inclusive Workplace
    Diverse and inclusive environments are performance enhancers. They are characterized by higher productivity, less turnover, and more resilient cultures. Employees want more purpose and meaning—they want to feel alive at work and that what they are doing is making a positive difference.

    In this session, you will:
    • Discover a creative, fun, and interactive activity to introduce inclusive behaviors.
    • Turn the concept of inclusion into actionable and practical behaviors that all employees can adopt.
    • Learn how positive psychology and social-emotional intelligence affects your performance and organizational health.

    Track: DEI and Culture
    Area of Focus: Fostering Belonging
  • Andrea Hoban
    Andrea Hoban
    Oji Life Lab
    Mastering Emotional Intelligence Training
    What does it take to successfully roll out an emotional intelligence (EI) training program? How do you build a case to earn executive buy-in? What does a successful program include, and how do you ensure the business impact is a true return on investment? In this session, you will get answers based on real-world examples from L&D professionals and tried-and-true practices that fit our new world of work.

    Applications on the Job:
    • Overcome internal skepticism and gain program buy-in.
    • Launch an EI training pilot and leverage that proof-of-concept for a broader rollout.
    • Leverage EI-focused questions and key activities to demonstrate relevance.

    Track: Talent Management
    Area of Focus: Training and Performance Support

  • Britt Andreatta
    Britt Andreatta
    Brain Aware Training
    Cracking the Code: How Organizational Growth and Consciousness Shape Your Talent Development and Learning Strategy
    Several studies show that organizations grow and change in predictable ways, moving through phases of development, crisis points of transformation, and emerging levels of consciousness. Each shift requires new skills for your leaders and employees, which predicts talent and learning needs.

    One of the biggest contributors to organizational decline is that key aspects of strategy are often behind the stage of growth the organization is in or moving toward. In this interactive session, you’ll learn to identify where your organization currently is and the next stage it’s growing in to so you can anticipate and be ready with the right solutions. In addition, you’ll gain an understanding of how organization consciousness impacts your ability to attract and retain the right employees and customers.

    In this session, you will:
    • Explore the latest research on organization development and consciousness and its implications for your talent.
    • Discover how to map your strategy to phases of organizational growth and consciousness.
    • Proactively identify your priorities and action plan for the coming months.

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  • OrgDev 2022 - Keynote Headshot Shola Richards
    Shola Richards
    Go Together Global™
    Unstoppable Resilience: The Keys to Staying Strong During Any Challenge
    Unstoppable Resilience: The Keys to Staying Strong During Any Challenge
    This is a uniquely difficult time for leaders and staff in workplaces all over America—we have been dealing with the effects of the pandemic for more than two years (and still going). There are deep divisions that have been exposed within our country, parents are overwhelmed as they balance their careers with raising their children in this exhausting new reality, and employees are feeling increased anxiety as they return to the office. Recent studies show Americans are the unhappiest they have been in the past 50 years. Navigating all these challenges significantly impacts people’s overall resilience and mental health. This session will provide you with practical strategies to build unshakable strength within yourself and your teams.

    In this session, you will:
    • The keys to creating a resilient mindset, regardless of the circumstances
    • The strategy to apply this mindset to any challenge that you are currently facing
    • Three personalized commitments that you can use to build your resilience and a strategy to stay accountable to these new commitments

  • Catherine Wemette.jpg
    Catherine Wemette
    Good for the Soul
    The Importance of Belonging: Connection Culture
    Research has shown that a lack of social connection is more harmful than smoking 15 cigarettes per day and carries more risk than a lack of exercise, consuming alcohol in excessive amounts, or obesity. Connect with other OD professionals in learning more about the unique role organizations can play in combating loneliness, creating places of belonging, and encouraging authentic connections. Explore the latest research to understand workforce trends, and dive into what it means for employees to be in connection. Finally, learn the specific actions necessary to start creating a culture of connection and belonging.

    In this session, you will:
    • Design and recommend action steps to create organic opportunities for connection in the workplace.
    • Identify and correct instances where connections around culture are artificially forced rather than naturally developed.
    • Apply current research to your specific employee populations to strengthen connection points.

    Track: DEI and Culture
    Focus Area: Connection Culture
  • Sandy Pickett.jpg
    Sandy Pickett
    The Aspen Group
    Preparing for New Leaders
    As employees make the shift from individual contributor to people leader, we must provide them with foundational leadership skills and experiences. Join this session to learn how to set them up for success, create capacity to manage the increased job responsibility, and strengthen team performance and engagement.

    In this session, you will:
    • Gain ideas for supporting the transition from individual contributor to people leader in your organization.

    Track: Leadership and Employee Development
    Focus Area: Preparing New Leaders
  • Richard Rittmaster.jpg
    Rick Rittmaster
    PM 24/7 – How to Actually Integrate PM Into Your Company’s Flow of Work
    Companies want performance management processes that are easy to understand, simple to use, add value to managers, and keep employees engaged. Unfortunately, what most get are processes that are complex, tied to legacy habits, and “force fit” into old systems. Ideally, performance management is an always accessible, never burdensome series of exercises that balance skill building, career progression, and business execution. But how do you achieve this ideal cocktail of results? The right technology solution helps but isn’t a golden ticket. This session will cover the evolving business and employee expectations from enterprise performance management processes, and how to break old habits that prepare your company for the exciting future.

    In this session, you will:
    • Explore "continuous performance management" and opportunities to incorporate into organizational processes.
    • Identify how hybrid work is shifting how companies facilitate performance management and how this can help advance performance management practices.
    • Leverage in-place, effective activities to help build the next generation of performance management habits.

    Track: Talent Management
    Focus Area: Redefining Performance Management
  • Tonya Wilson.jpg
    Tonya Wilson
    AFC Consulting Group
    The Courage to Say "No"
    This session highlights qualitative and quantitative data from the leaders and underrepresented populations who push against the status quo of how DEI has been deployed in the past. "No" is a complete sentence and an active response to necessary resistance to culture when change is the imperative. However, leaders and BIPOC women are sometimes paralyzed by the fear (real and perceived) of saying "no." During this session, you’ll engage in challenging the "check box" approach to DEI.

    In this session, you will:
    • Use data and appreciative inquiry to challenge assumptions during DEI conversations.
    • Examine processes that may exclude the voice and value of certain leaders for the sake of "supporting the business."
    • Learn about promoting psychologically safe leadership and how BIPOC Women are limited by concrete, glass, and glass cliff ceilings.

    Track: DEI and Culture
    Focus Area: Culture of Change
  • Karen Thrall.jpg
    Karen Thrall
    Karen Thrall Inc
    Communicate Well (Even When You’re Annoyed)
    Most problems you will face are associated with people. Having unhappy clients or disgruntled team members is going to happen. Communication problems are the greatest drain on productivity and morale in the workplace. Some of us tend to be conflict-averse; others address conflict instantly. Some of us get quiet; others get vocal. Some of us emote; others internalize. Regardless of your approach, there is a way to resolve conflict amicably and get the results you want. Learning to navigate difficult conversations and defuse heated conversations are important leadership skills that strengthen long-lasting camaraderie. Join this session to learn how to be an excellent communicator when challenging conversations arise.

    In this session, you will:
    • Learn the different ways professionals engage in conflict resolution and assess which style you prefer.
    • Learn how to recognize if there’s going to be a problem to interfere before it begins.
    • Master how to keep the levels calm in a conversation.

    Track: Leadership and Employee Development
    Focus Area: Professional Development (going beyond traditional EAP to look at the person as a whole)
  • Chelsea C. Williams.jpg
    Chelsea Williams
    Reimagine Talent Co.
    Beyond Recruiting: Practical Steps to an Inclusive and Equitable Team Culture
    So, you’ve made organizational progress on diversity and elevated representation by hiring underrepresented populations, now what? Given heightened conversations on employee experience and well-being, organizations must ensure that diversity efforts don’t just stop at recruiting, but expand to support employee development and retention. This session will support people managers in fostering inclusive and equitable teams. The session will focus intently on the nuances of managing and leading historically underrepresented populations.

    In this session, you will:
    • Explore how to go beyond recruiting towards a strategy centered on retention of underrepresented populations.
    • Explore common pitfalls in fostering inclusive and equitable teams.
    • Leverage “The 3 Rs” as a pillar for managerial success—recognize, respond, and resolve.

    Track: Talent Management
    Focus Area: Retention: Reimagine EVP--employee value prop
  • Dianna Anderson Headshot
    Dianna Anderson
    Lunch & Learn: "In the Moment" Coaching Is the Grease That Turns the Wheel of Change
    If people can’t talk about something, they can’t change it. It’s the conversations that don’t happen or go well that derail change efforts. This is increasingly concerning as we focus on dismantling old systems of behavior and work together to reimagine new ones. Whether your organization is building a more inclusive and equitable culture, transitioning to more sustainable practices, or simply trying to attract and keep good people, behavior change at scale is the goal. During this session, you will learn creative ways to use “in the moment” coaching and feedback with individuals, teams, and large groups to successfully facilitate the human side of changing behavior at scale.

    Sponsored by:

  • Speed Networking
  • Louise van Rhyn.JPG
    Louise van Rhyn
    Leadership Development for a Better World
    Partners for Possibility was developed in South Africa to strengthen leadership capacity in South African businesses and schools. This large-scale program (12 years and more than 3,200 delegates) provides the opportunity to re-imagine leadership development for a more conscious and compassionate world and, as a result, has been recognized as a gift to the world. Join this session to learn the keys to designing and implementing impactful 70:20:10 leadership development programs and be inspired by the design principles that contributed to the impact of this program—on the individuals and the organizations they belong to.

    In this session, you will:
    • Design principles that underpin leadership development for impact.
    • Learn the keys to designing and implementing an impactful 70:20:10 leadership development program.
    • Be inspired to re-imagine leadership development.

    Track: Leadership and Employee Development
    Focus Area: Reimaging Leadership Development for Impact
  • Sayeedul Islam.jpg
    Sayeedul Islam
    Talent Metrics
    Rebuilding Psychological Safety and Trust Post-COVID
    In a post-COVID workplace, organizations are struggling to bridge the gap between hybrid workforces and rebuild psychological safety within their teams, departments, and organizations at large. This session will review strategies for you to build psychological safety through the use of data, instructional design, and organizational policy. You will also learn to develop strategies for remote, hybrid, and face-to-face workforces to better prepare your organizations for the future of work in a postpandemic world.

    In this session, you will:
    • Use data to determine the best approach to develop psychological safety and trust.
    • Understand best practices in rebuilding psychological safety and trust among hybrid, remote, and face-to-face workforces.

    Track: DEI and Culture
    Focus Area: Redeveloping/Rebuilding Psychological Safety and Trust
  • Beth Messich.jpg
    Beth Messich
    Making People Feel Connected: Onboarding in Hybrid and Remote Environments
    The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us into remote working situations. While we thought this was temporary, it turns out that remote and hybrid work are here to stay. While employees feel the benefits of being able to live where they want, spending less time commuting, and having more flexibility, they also note the loss of a sense of connection. This is especially true for new hires, who struggle to understand the company culture, meet colleagues, and build a trusted network at work. This session will explore ways to help the first 90 days be a time for new employees to cultivate relationships, experience the company culture, understand communication and collaboration tools, and build psychological safety.

    In this session, you will:
    • Describe ways to provide a meaningful employee experience to new hires and design recommendations for their organizations.
    • Design experiences to help new employees build relationships with their leaders, teams, and business partners.
    • Identify ways to purposely use current communication and collaboration tools to foster a sense of connection for new hires.

    Track: Talent Management - Learn how to support, redefine, and develop your talent through this new world of work.
    Area of Focus: Hybrid Onboarding
  • LaKisha C. Brooks.jpg
    LaKisha Brooks
    International Coaching Federation
    Business Resource Groups, Employee Resource Groups, and Beyond
    One-way companies have increased employee experience, retention, and recruiting is through employee and business resource groups. Though sometimes used interchangeably, employee and business resource groups are different and serve different purposes within an organization. This session will provide insight into employee and business resource groups and beyond.

    In this session, you will:
    • Identify the difference between ERGs and BRGs.
    • Learn how to develop an employee or business resource group that impacts your organization.
    • Recognize the possible pitfalls of an employee resource group.

    Track: DEI and Culture
    Focus Area: ERGs
  • Jeff Evans.jpg
    Jeff Evans
    Designed Learning
    Building Trusted Business Partnerships
    When we want to influence others, but we don’t have direct control of the final decision, we are consulting. In this consulting role, we influence by being direct, compassionate, and actively listening to the person we are influencing. It’s not enough to have technical expertise. We also must build the relationship. In this fast-paced world, we need to begin building trust within the first few minutes of a conversation. Trust can be built by focusing on connection before content. This session will explore the importance of trust in making your expertise helpful to others. Learn the elements of conversation that will build and enhance trusting collaborative relationships.

    In this session, you will:
    • Build trust in the first 30 seconds of a conversation.
    • Get agreements with your stakeholders that will stick.
    • Build collaboration by being clear about what you want.

    Track: Talent Management
    Focus Area: Business Partnering skills --humanizing the data/numbers
  • ken-nowack.jpeg
    Kenneth Nowack
    Envisia Learning
    Ouch That Hurt! The Neuroscience of Giving and Receiving Feedback
    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” However, that old saying may be incorrect. Recent neurobiological research suggests that we are wired to react to interpersonal feedback in a way that cannot only induce a sense of emotional hurt but also elicit the same pathways as being physically in pain. This session will introduce new research about the neuroscience of feedback—both giving and receiving—that is important in coaching and leading individuals and teams. You will learn about the latest coaching research based on neuroscience to maximize motivation, goal setting, and goal pursuit in your talent development programs.

    In this session, you will:
    • Explain why social relationships may be harmful to our health.
    • Identify key feedback-giving strategies that can be applied across culture, race, gender, and age.
    • Apply principles of giving feedback that elicit greater motivation to set goals and deliberately practice new behavior.

    Track: Leadership and Employee Development
    Focus Area: Leading With Love

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  • LaKisha Brooks, Beth Messich, and Catherine Wemette headshots
    LaKisha Brooks, Beth Messich, and Catherine Wemette
    OrgDev Action Planning Sessions: Plan The Work. Work the Plan
    One of the reasons we come to events like OrgDev is to refresh and recharge with people who get us. But what happens once we leave? Do we take time to reflect on how we can implement what we learned and found exciting? In our busy, overscheduled days, it’s challenging to bring those good intentions to life once we return to work. That’s where this workshop comes in.

    Facilitated by three of our OrgDev thought leaders, these workshops will tap into the power of your individual learning style, build on information you collected during and after each of the sessions you attended, and make the most of the collective wisdom in the room. You’ll create deeper connections and develop a road map that combines the OrgDev common themes of DEI, talent management, and employee and leadership development with best practices and real-world expertise. Come prepared to share an idea you’ve been mulling over and strengthen your understanding by learning from other people’s experiences. There will be engagement opportunities for everyone in this unique interactive format (that you’ll be more than welcome to borrow!).

    You’ll leave this workshop with clear next steps tailored to your unique needs, that not only support your teams and the work you do every day but will help continue that feeling of renewal long after you leave Los Angeles.

  • Maria Morukian Headshot
    Maria Morukian
    MSM Global Consulting
    Expansion: Deepening Human Connection to Address Complex Challenges
    We live in an era fraught with disorder, disruption, and disequilibrium, upending our personal and professional lives. Events over the last few years have led employees and consumers alike to demand that organizations take visible action for social justice.

    In times of chaos, when all our natural instincts lead us to avoid conflict-laden topics and seek out what is comfortable and known, what if we did the opposite? What if we expand rather than contract and leverage this moment of disequilibrium to dismantle inequitable and exclusive systems and practices? Join this session to learn how to embrace challenging conversations around polarizing topics and encourage others to do the same.

    In this session, you will:
    • Discover how the case for expansion is a core component of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work.
    • Identify expansive practices to inspire and support stakeholders to do the hard work that is required for true institutional change.